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The company follows the long tradition of electrical and mechanical engineering in this region and by the effective property management and industrial infrastructure creates conditions for the successful implementation of production projects of current leaders in these sectors.

EIMMO, Inc. within its own capacities and experienced management in the field of analytical and consulting services, legal and human resources consultancy has created an environment for the customers with a comprehensive approach to solving production start-up and with the realization of manufacturing transfers.

The company took up their land and property assets of the former state-owned enterprise focusing on the production of electrical and electro-mechanical components for industrial applications and weapon systems, manufactured in former Czechoslovakia. By the revitalization of exteriors and production areas EIMMO, Inc. has created conditions for the transfer of many manufacturing projects from Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and other European countries.

Private participation contributed to the realization of such important projects and transfers of production, EIMMO Inc. has been working with companies as Delta Energy Systems, Arcelor Mittal, Enics,GPV, KUK Coils, E Metall, ACV International in implementing their business plans in Slovakia. By working only with these companies in recent years, EIMMO Inc. has created more than 1,000 new jobs.

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