Office building

Office building is a 6 floors building with total area of 2.923 m2.

Office building serves for the producing companies right in the industry area but it can also be used by lawyers, software companies, consulting companies, design offices atc.

These spaces can be adapted to requirements of each client.


Our partners


Production and assembly hall

Building is suitable for light manufacturing and light industry, especially for electronic industry and producers parts for electronic industry.

It is also suitable for assembling electronic components.

It is also excellent for development center, testing center, logistic center of electronic components because of many consumers of these parts in vicinity. 



Manufacturing hall

Manufacturing hall with the area of 3.643 m2 is modern Hall, completely reconstructed in 2015, and it is suitable especially for engineering industry, car industry, testing or developing center.

Right in the hall is extra space of 175 m2 for offices.

The hall is equipped with 2 cranes, loading ramp, dressing rooms for employees and internet access.



Building of electro production

Building of electro production offer space up 9561 m2.

Building is reconstructed and it is suitable for companies especially from electro technical industry.

Hall is equipped with ESD floors, air-conditions and internet access.



Building RS

Building has 2500 m2 of producing area and 200 m2 of offices.

It is equipped with crane and is suitable for engineering companies.

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